Who We Are

Welcome to the site of MKTZone; we are high caliber team of professional and dedicated people who strives to make differences. We would like you to enjoy our inspiration and creative environment, no matter where you are we would like to contribute and solve some of the toughest business challenges.

MKT Zone is fully integrated professional services firm dedicated to assisting clients in establishing small businesses in American market and support their growth through custom built marketing strategies. Our strength in the middle market enables us to advise clients at all steps of development- from start-up, to rapid growth and expansion.

We are the perfect enterprise business servicers consulting company offering a unique approach that offers a revolutionary experience and results. We take pride in providing high-quality service and learning in B2B enterprise support services space. We believe that change is only possible if you choose passionate, and visionary partner who balance your business requirement with solutions.

Why Us?

Our Approach. Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help create the business strategy, marketing plans and connect with partners through social media. We help to identify gaps and opportunities, we create reports that include a project plan with timeline and milestones, cost analysis and a schedule. We also offer a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. We have affordable prices and support 24/7. 

Business mentors are key – that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choose. We want to give each of you the time and guidelines you deserve. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you.

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Services We Provide

Business Cube

Business Plan: We help to build a solid business plan containing the goals and the strategy how these goals can be

Talent Hunting

Recruitment and resources. We are using 4 steps process to hire and retain best talents: The technical recruiting is challenging. It is continual scramble to find the best candidates

IT Services

We are able to service all aspects of our client architecture, implementations in, migration and support On-Prem and cloud (public and private).


Learning & Education. Our experts deliver custom training and guidelines to all users and administrators to make sure that continues change in IT are capture and expertise increasing.

What We Offer

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service to all of our clients, and in constantly striving to improve the range and nature of that service. We like to develop good relationships, taking the time to learn about you and your business in order to tailor our service to your needs.

About Us

The MKTZone is one of the top middle-market business support service providers in the world, delivering custom built enterprise-business strategy. Our team is best-in-class professionals, providing expertise to business partners regionally or globally.

Our Values and Culture

Honesty, Transparency, Respect, Responsibilities. We value not only what we do but also how we do it. We promote an innovative mind-set and encourage each other to challenge the status quo, continuously searching for better solutions.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to build a leading focused customer-oriented company.

Our Mission and Vision

We are pioneers in the business improvement plant using our innovating approach “BUSINESS CUBE”.

Our People

In the context of increasing challenging Covit19 pandemic, we are enforcing our culture, boosting our skills, and building diverse workforce with talented leaders.

Contact Us

Whenever you are a customer, new start-up, job seeker, media expert, IT professional you will find opportunities to contact us.



It is essential that our people reflect the rich cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity of our markets. Our team is represented by many nationalities, speaking with 10+ languages, and is multi-generational. We are proud that 50% of our team is female, and that women represent 50% of our leadership team.


Our people belong to a vibrant and engaged community. We have a variety of team events to help us get to know one another better and celebrate our diversity. We support good causes and provide employee volunteering opportunities for associates to help and engage with local communities.


When you partner with MKTZone team, our services include more than just helping and coaching you. Our industry experts know the best practices that can make your organization thrive to achieve goals. Our highly skilled team consists of MBA’s, Certified Application Specialists, Certified Developers, Project Managers, Industry Experts, and Trainers.